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Sprint Coaching 


Sprint Coaching Sessions
Please contact us if you would like to set up a session

We can develop sprint programmes specific to your sport. Speed and core strength is a vital part of many sports. For example we currently provide specific sprint coaching for rugby and football players. We also use speed gates and benchmarking to assess your progress. Please contact us so we can discuss with you how we can develop a sprint programme for your sport.

Other sports currently benefiting from our sprints programme include:

  • Rugby (see the specific sprints programme we have developed below)

  • Football

  • Tennis

  • Hockey

  • Ice hockey

  • Ultimate Frisbee

Some athletes who have already benefitted from 1-1 Coaching with Sonya Ellis – Level 4 combined events coach – sprints specialist are listed below:

  • Ronnie Wells  – UK Under 17 sprint champion and ranked 3rd in World 100m rankings 2012

  • Matt Raasch-Sotinwa – Senior 100m Sprinter – Paralympic Potential Athlete

  • Tom Johnson – Exeter Chiefs player – technical sprints

  • Byron McGuigan – Exeter Chiefs player – technical sessions in sprints

  • Natasha Mead – 100m sprints – Visually Impaired athlete competed at GB level

  • Glenn Etherington – senior hurdles, UK trials and Channel Islands

  • Grant Stenhouse – Scottish 400m champion – part of our unique TechnaCoach programme

  • Cecily T. – Junior club middle distance athlete – technical, conditioning and mobility

  • Callum K. – Junior Rugby and sports – sprints and throws training

  • Harry O. – National junior triathlete – technical work

  • Jaz – Junior footballer on scholarship at a Premiership football club – sprints, technical and conditioning

  • Nadine – junior athlete – combined events

  • Matthew Blandford - Discus and Shot - BUCS Nationals medalist

  • Matt Alvarez - Somerset and Taunton athlete - English Schools finalist

  • Cameron Thores - Exeter University Student and Scottish national para team athlete

  • Ethan Kirby - GB Pralympic Potential - represented GB team in various para international meets - 2021-24

Plus lots more……

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